Don't just give her a ring, Give her Goosebumps®

Why is it called Goosebumps?®

The President of Zorells Jewelry inc, Tim Ell Sr. started his award-winning jewelry career as a diamond cutter. He used his expertise and knowledge to search out and find master diamond cutters who had the training necessary to make his beautiful and very special diamond. These artisans take pride in making sure every Tim Ell Goosebump® Diamond produces its maximum fire. It takes our master cutters more than three times the amount of time and energy to produce these fire breathing stones than it would to cut an ordinary faceted diamond.

The Tim Ell Goosebump® Diamond has additional strategically placed facets on the top and bottom of each diamond compared to the traditional 58 facets of a generic round diamond. This patented facet arrangement creates a unique light dispersion that gives our selection of diamonds their eye popping display and the very best brilliance and sparkle.

This is the diamond our competitors DO NOT want you to see. No other diamond can compare.

When another area jewelry store repeatedly asks you to "see them first" in all their radio ads.... it is because they know once you see Zorells selection and pricing you won't go anywhere else!

Only the Tim Ell Goosebump® Diamond can give you this amazing sparkle at the best price.

It can be summed up with one word:



They were very welcoming and helpful. The staff was ABSOLUTELY fantastic and even though I was a first time customer they treated me as if I've been many time before it was a wonderful experience and can't wait to continue my business with them.

Rebecca Neustel

I had a great experience shopping for an engagement ring. Staff was amazing! They were super friendly and very knowledgeable. They were not pushy at all. I got to drink wine while I looked and had a very pleasant experience over all. Plus the building is awesome. It has a classy but not over the top atmosphere. Highly recommend!

Andy Just